Published 15:27 on 20 June, 2007

You may have noticed that I’ve been neglecting my blog over the last 9 months. This is due to Meegan falling pregnant with twins, and their subsequent arrival.

Isabella Ada Huegdon (5lb 10oz) and Amélie Isla Huegdon (5lb 5oz) arrived at 10:02am and 10:27am respectively on the 23rd of May, 2007. I haven’t had time to upload loads of pictures yet, but watch my Flickr stream; there are a few there already.

I’m very happy to be a Dad although it’s pretty hard going at the moment; in fact, I reckon one baby must be an absolute doddle. To be fair though, Meegan is doing the majority of the work at the moment since I leave for work at 6:30am and get home at 8pm.

Anyway, as far as the blog is concerned, normal service will resume shortly (I’m writing a couple of posts at the moment).