Back on the horse

Published 20:03 on 10 August, 2008

Right then. After almost a years hiatus, it’s about time I got back into this blogging lark. Unfortunately, I have a plethora of subjects I’d like to cover and no idea where to start!

I think I’ll get the personal stuff out of the way first and then I can think about planning the web development stuff…

The biggest news is that I’m going to be a father again, but thankfully this time it’s just the one baby. Further to that, my twin girls are now 14 months old and extremely mobile (in horizontal and vertical directions — we’ve had to rearrange the furniture to discourage climbing).

I’m still working at Yahoo! in London and, despite the odd crisis of morale, am still enjoying working with what is arguably the best corporate web development team in the world. It’s a shame my commute is 2 hours each way otherwise I’d also be enjoying the more social aspects of the team as well (but since most evenings are spent on Xbox Live with my colleagues, I’m not missing too much).

I also found out that I have Coeliac Disease; a harsh name for what is, effectively, an allergy to gluten (found in wheat, barley, oats, and rye). This hasn’t been all that difficult to adapt to since my sister has been diagnosed since she was 3 years old &#8212 ;and my dad worked out, shortly after she was diagnosed, that he is too. This basically means that I’ve been used to shopping, cooking, and dining-out with Coeliacs since a very early age. Want to know the worst part of the allergy? I can no longer drink beer. Sweet, sweet beer. I really miss a tasty pint of Guinness.

Finally, I’ve also undertaken a few personal projects: a new rock band, a (possible) book on web development, a cooking blog (no link because it’s not up yet), and various other things.

So that’s the past year in a nutshell. I’m sure there’s lots more I could’ve written but it’s easier to just condense. Now I can get started on the web development related blog posts…

… although I still have no idea where to start!