Published 18:13 on 07 September, 2006

d.Construct 2006

So I’m off to d.Construct 2006 tomorrow and I’m getting quite excited. I’m looking forward to hearing about API’s and webservices; at putting faces to people I chat with regularly via mailing lists; at attending Jeremy’s Microformats picnic and generally being at home with my peers.

If you’re reading this and are attending d.Construct, please feel free to come over and talk shop to me - that’s one of the reasons I’m going! For recognition purposes, I look like this (I’m the one in the shirt, not the one in the dress). In case that’s not enough I’ll probably be wearing a black t-shirt with “Columbian Street Party” written on it.

Anyway, I have preparations to make and work to do (who’d have thunk it?), so hopefully I’ll see you there!