Heaven indeed

Published 20:00 on 15 November, 2005

Being a somewhat avid gamer (hardcore, if you will), I trawl various computer games news sites on a daily basis. A couple of months ago, they all started reporting a strange new viral marketing site called Origen that displayed nothing but a tree with a countdown behind it. It was all highly intriguing so I decided to come back when the countdown reached zero (sometime in September).

Long story short; it turned out to be a competition, run by Microsoft, to enter what was described as “heaven for gamers.” I won’t get too caught up on explaining it, so for more detail, here’s a full description of Origen.

Having entered the competition, I forgot all about it. Until last week, that is…

Last week, whilst off work sick with a rather nasty migraine, I received a phone call from a chap at Xbox. To my utter amazement I was the first of the eight total winners of Origen. I was past the doorman, through the cloakroom and well on my way into “heaven for gamers.”

To be honest, I nearly wet myself with excitement.

It turns out I’ve won an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles from the 18th to the 23rd of November where I will be flown from Santa Monica airport via private jet to an, as yet, undisclosed location somewhere in the Mojave Desert. There I will be a V.I.P guest at the US launch party of the Xbox 360 console.


So anyway, needless to say I will be blogging the entire event (with pictures). Anybody know any good internet cafes in Santa Monica?