Published 19:14 on 13 April, 2009

I’ve just completed some quick housekeeping on the site – mostly on my feed.

I noticed last night that Google had acquired Feedburner, and that I needed to port my feed over to my Google account. At the same time, I swapped the feed to use Atom instead of RSS. Having completed that, I decided to address a problem with my feed that’s been bugging me for some time:

My feed has always published only an excerpt of each post, instead of the full post. This is because I use the “more” break functionality in Wordpress for the introduction snippets in the bespoke home page theme files, instead of writing an entirely separate excerpt. On previous versions of Wordpress, this also limited the RSS feed regardless of whether you had specifically chosen the “display full article” option in the syndication settings. I’ve had a couple of complaints about this, since most developers seem to prefer reading articles in their feed readers – and so do I, for that matter.

Last time I needed to fix this problem, I had a hell of a time trying to find the offending code in the horrific Wordpress PHP. Thankfully, since then, the bug has been fixed so all I needed to do was update Wordpress. Having completed that update, my feed should now be working as intended originally.

The next step, it seems, will be getting off Wordpress to something home-grown.