Life, The Universe and Butt-munches

Published 01:10 on 27 September, 2005

Pet hate of the week: People who ask questions but don’t really listen to the answers.

Coping with stubborn developers is usually something that goes along with the job but, on occasion, you’ll come up against a real “brick-wall” person. These are the kind of developers that appear interested in learning techniques but continue using their own method through bloody-mindedness. Normally this isn’t a problem and you’ll let them get on with things. That is, however, until their method falls on it’s crappy bad-coded arse and their left floundering for a solution…

Then comes the vicious circle of questions and not really listening to the answers.

Over the past month or so I must have told the developer in question to read up about CSS specificity (and supplied Patrick Griffith’s excellent tutorial) at least 4 times. Guess what? I’m still having to tell him that ID selectors are more specific than classes.

And to top it all, I’ve just discovered he’s using old javascript techniques instead of DOM scripting…

I give up - it’s not worth the arguments!