Rentokil Initial 2005

Published 23:00 on 09 September, 2005

The new Rentokil Initial website has just gone live. It features some nice text-sizing effects using percentages and ems so that the whole site resizes images and all. We’ve also adopted some degradable javascript “print this page” links and some other nice css effects.

Unfortunately, getting content for the site was something of an up-hill struggle but, thankfully, “those-in-power” have finally cottoned on and are working on it as I type.

It’s also worth noting that the content of the site was an ongoing discussion and, therefore, Paul (our main designer guy) had one hell of a task coming up with the design. How do you design without content?

Stylegala have already featured the site (which was coded as part of my day job in the in-house web team at Rentokil, along with Stuart at Muffin Research Labs) and it’s nice to see differing opinions already being published.