The Many Faces of Me

Published 22:01 on 06 August, 2005

Have just launched Low Cost Airport Car Hire - a nice little car hire site that I’ve used as an experiment with ems. If you try putting your text size up or down, you’ll notice it resizes the whole site. This is a nice effect that I’ve better used in my day job on the new Rentokil Initial corporate site (don’t worry, I’ll let you know when that launches too).

Taking into account everything I’ve been experimenting with recently, and the fact that I’m currently creating a nice web standards CMS called Noob, I’ve also decided to rework this site. Version 3 of Nefarious Designs will have a better blog, a better portfolio and an all round better feel. I should also mention it will have kick-ass accessibility (since that’s my passion at the moment).

Basically, I want to sell myself as the hardcore web standards and accessibility developer that I already am.

Nefarious Designs is also going to be working much more closely with Muffin Research Labs and Source Unknown Designs as well, since it appears to be a mutually beneficial threesome. Fnar fnar.