Writing again

Published 12:56 on 13 October, 2018

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Wow. Is it really six and a half years since my last post on here? I really need to get back on the horse.

In a recent conversation with a bunch of old web development and design friends, discussion got around to lamenting that a bunch of us seem to have stopped writing posts and articles on our personal blogs. With that in mind, I’ve decided to resurrect this old thing and start writing again.

In many ways, Matthew Pennell’s “Slight Return” post (potentially an artefact of the same conversation mentioned before) really resonated with me. I believe one reason for my being AWOL is the fact that each of my articles took a great deal of commitment. I would spend a lot of time double checking my sources, and crafting my tutorials, deeply aware of the intelligent scrutiny of my peers. Five years later, and I realise that there is just as much value in the simple personal gratification of documenting stuff I’ve been playing with, so that is probably mostly what I am going to do.

First things first, though, I need to enable some HTTPS on this baby.

Which gives me a great idea for the next post…